iKBC C104 PBT Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switch Review

Not long ago I purchased a Pok3er 3 60% keyboard with Cherry MX Clears for my at home daily driver. I was so excited to use it, turns out I missed the 10 key dearly. The hunt was on to find a daily driver keyboard with a 10 key that wouldn’t break the bank and didn’t look like an LSD trip with RGB led lighting.

This is where the iKBC C104 comes in! I found it searching around online, liked the specs of the unit; you can get them with several styles of Cherry switches including browns, blacks, reds, and blues. This keyboard also comes in a version without any led lighting, no backlights no nothing, just a mechanical keyboard. (Thank you iKBC) It also comes in white with optional RGB lighting including a smaller 10 keyless version. I paid $89 for this keyboard.

A short couple days after ordering it arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the box was very heavy. The keyboard itself weighs in around 2lb 11oz. It came with a key puller tool and some blue and red keycaps for your WASD keys, and a dust cover. Since I don’t like my keyboards looking like Mickey Mouse I chose to leave those keys in the box 🙂

Let’s get started! I’ve already called out the heft of this thing, it’s got a real nice weight and four big rubber pads on the bottom so that it doesn’t slide around your desk. The case is completely plastic, it’s lightly textured and doesn’t contain any branding that’s visible. Above the number pad are three leds for num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock which light up a super bright white. It’s like really bright, I mean so bright that I was going to use my sharpie to color over the led because at night it was too bright.

So bright!
Switches- I ordered Cherry MX Browns because I love tactile feedback from switches. In another adventure I removed switches and replaced them with some Gateron Browns. I can say that in comparison to the Gaterons the Cherry Browns have less of a noticeable bump on the down stroke. The switches feel smooth with no scratchy or dry feeling when they bottom out, a nice THOCK sound is present when bottoming out. I could use this keyboard at work all day without my co-workers getting upset. It makes very little noise, likely due to the quality construction of the case and or back plate. The space bar is the only button that I’ve noticed that’s a little bit louder than the others, it makes a greater THOCK when depressed. Not annoying but noticeable.

Keycaps- The keycaps are made of PBT and have a nice heavy texture to them, they feel wonderful due to their thickness. The legends are laser etched. Did I tell you already that I’m a huge fan of the texture on these keys, I LOVE it! The font on the keys is also a nice normal font, no crazy font that’s difficult to read. The keycaps are a nice dark grey that goes well with the rest of the board.

That texture ❤

Sound & overall- It sounds good, there’s very little noise from the keys when bottoming out. The Cherry Brown switches are smooth and delightful, I still prefer Gateron Browns due to the little extra feedback. Typing on the keyboard is effortless and I don’t feel any fatigue, keys are where they’re supposed to be, no lights to worry about flashing like a 70’s disco party. Just one solid mechanical keyboard. If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s no bull with a great price, this is the keyboard for you! My keyboard hunting days may just be over for another few months? Not sure I’m still wanting to put together a custom 10 key pad, or a minivan. Not sure why, but it looks fun!

Bonus Pics


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