Velocifire VM01 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Brown Switches Review

In early November I purchased the Velocifire VM01 Mechanical keyboard from Amazon. It was super cheap at $40. I didn’t expect a whole lot but wanted a mechanical daily driver at work. There were some glowing reviews out there about this keyboard; here’s my review after using it daily for four months.

Size & Build- It’s fairly large and heavy. Amazon lists the item dimensions as 6.4 x 18 x 1.2 inches, and weighing in at a hefty 2.2 lbs. This thing takes up plenty of room on my desk. In comparison my Aukey keyboard I’ll be replacing it with is 4.5 x 17, slightly smaller. The bezel around this keyboard is fairly large, it’s got a slope downward on the side that faces you. The keyboard has four rubber pads on the bottom that prevent it from moving around, the USB cord is not detachable and there are no feet on the bottom to change the angle of the keyboard.The plastic body feels solid, likely due to the incredible weight of the keyboard.

Lights- It’s got a light blue LED that can flash and do some pretty stuff. The LEDs can scroll and do some other great things, they shine though the keycaps and illuminate them well. I hate LEDs, so I use this with them turned off. My work PC is a laptop and each time I dock it I have to hold function and dim the LEDs to off, a minor annoyance.

Keycaps – Here’s where things start getting bad. The keycaps are ABS, they have a very cheap and thin feel with a very light texture overall. They seem to make a hollow sound when bottoming out when typing, so it creates a higher pitched sound than a solid keycap. After four months my keycaps are all shined out on the home row, I’m talking slippery and smooth. There isn’t a resemblance of a texture on the keys, other keys started wearing on the edges where my fingers slide over. Be prepared to replace the keycaps after just a few months of daily use.

Switches- Here’s where things get worse. I get it, $40 doesn’t get you very far. The switches are Zorro  brown switches of which I couldn’t find any information about. The Amazon listing bills this keyboard as having ‘high quality brown switch with best “clicky” tactile feedback’, I definitely didn’t notice the keyboard being clicky at all. The aforementioned tactile feedback? Doesn’t seem to exist either, the switches feel linear in nature; I have a hard time getting any feedback at all. The switches feel gritty and dry. They don’t squeak or make any noise, they just don’t feel smooth. I replaced my keycaps with a set of Anne Pro PBT caps and the gritty feeling is less noticeable but still remains.

Closeup of Switches- Zorro Browns

Worth Buying? I suppose that’s up to you, I’d rather fork over another twenty bucks or so to step up to a used Poker, or another lesser known keyboard brand with Gaterons or Cherry switches. When typing all day the switches make a difference. Maybe this will be another board I end up swapping switches with.

With all of the glowing reviews online I wanted to write a review that was unbiased, I purchased this product with my own money, and have used it for a good sum of time.

Bonus PCB pic


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