Plex Media Player window resizing after switching inputs on receiver

*Update*- the below only seemed to work for a week. Even directly connecting HDMI to the NUC didn’t end up working in the long run.


I’m a huge fan of Plex Media Server, I live by this thing. I’ve got it on my phone, my sons Fire Tablet, a Rasplex player in my bedroom, and an Intel NUC Celeron machine in my living room connected to my 4K television through my Denon receiver.

I was testing the water with my NUC purchase, I found a previous Bevy photo backup device(apparently Bevy and it’s services are dead now), so my NUC has a purple Bevy lid. It’s real cute… but whatever the price was right.

It’s just so cute! #Bevy


I got the Plex Media Player software installed and programmed my Logitech Harmony 650 to work with the integrated IR. All was working great until I would switch inputs on the receiver, once I switched back to the NUC input my Plex Media Player was not full screen anymore. The device is set to never have a screensaver and to never sleep.

The dreaded windowed Plex


Super frustrated, I searched high and low, even asking for some help on the r/Plex subreddit with some great people chiming in. I tried a couple of fixes and not wanting to spend any more money on additional hardware I finally stumbled onto the fix. I changed all the below resolutions to 1920 and 1080, as many of mine in the system registry were defaulted to 720p

After updating the registry keys it’s rock solid without issue!
The below fix is from a post on

This is happening because some monitors power off completely and don’t send signal to the PC so Windows is changing to “simulated” monitor with the default resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

While there is some fixes for older Windows versions, nothing have seems to work for Windows 10. So here is a tutorial on how to change the default 1024×768 resolution in Windows 10:
1. Open “Regedit” and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\Configuration\your-folders-here

2. Change the “” and “” to your desired values of resolution. Note that it must be changed in “demicial”

3. Then go to the second “00” and change “DwmClipBox.bottom” and “DwmClipBox.right”, “” and “”, “” and “”

4. That’s it, now your windows sizes and positions won’t bug when you turn off the monitor.


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