Repairing Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Battery

I thought I’d take a gamble and order a broken Goalzero Sherpa on eBay, the seller had several listed with no more details other than they were broken. Mine arrived and turned on but displayed a bad battery error message. Searching for replacement Sherpa battery packs yielded nothing online only a recall for the unit... Continue Reading →


Tomo M2 DIY Power Bank Review

There are a whole lot of positive reviews about the Tomo brand usb Power banks online. I happened to buy one while working on my Goal Zero Sherpa project as I had some spare LIPO cells after rebuilding the battery pack. It's a really cool concept, use your lithium 18650 cells in a battery charger;... Continue Reading →

Free Gogo inflight WIFI

Your mileage may vary with the method outlined below. I've used it over the course of several flights with varying success. Sometimes my window of free wifi is 30 minutes sometimes around 10. Even after it expires you can perform this method once again to activate wifi again.  A high level overview: Connect to gogo... Continue Reading →

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